Profile of Nurah

Nurah was born in Japan.

In 2006, She was completely fascinated by the beauty and deep expression she saw in her first experience with belly dancing.

After several delays, she started to study belly dancing seriously in 2009.

She appeared on stage as a dancer when "Bellyqueen", a global belly dance company based in New York, came to Japan and performed in 2015.

She is attempting to express the natural power and beauty of women through belly dancing, with its basis in Egyptian style. Dancing gracefully with a confident attitude is very important to her.

Nurah’s dream is to create a world-class belly dancing show with Japanese dancers taking a leading role.

She is an instructor, as well as a popular performer in belly dancing shows in restaurants in Hyogo and Osaka, Japan.

She started belly dancing after reaching the age of 30, as a complete beginner at dancing, so she believes "Anyone can start anything at any age as long as they have the motivation". As long as her students are serious, she gives her all in helping them to learn belly dancing.

Erman Olga named her Nurah, which means “Corolla” and “Blossom” in Arabic (نَوْرَة). Nurah hope that she would be like a flower arranger when she danced, making the buds in the hearts of the audience members blossom.

She likes Sun Ra‘s music very much. She is a mother of one.

She studied belly dancing under Erman Olga, Sonia, KiKi Alma and MAYUKO. She studied performing arts under KITAYAMA Daisuke, DOI Mananao, MATOBA Suzuka and KINOHARA "SHEENA" Shigeko.

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